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Dear Prostate Massage Curious,

For many people who are interested in learning about prostate massage, reading about people who tried it is the best way for them to learn more about it. In addition, many people become INTENSELY AROUSED while reading this type of erotic content and reading about prostate massage is no exception!

I have been involved with prostate massage and prostate milking for many years and am a very well known prostate massage therapist and know from my clients that a prostate massage can truly be a physical and emotional release for many men.

You may have experimented with prostate massage or may have been curious about how it would feel. My new prostate massage stories do a great job of letting you, the reader, become truly involved with all of the feelings that a man experiences when having a prostate massage.

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These Are The Type Of Prostate Massage Stories You Will Read About:

  • Men Trying Prostate Massage And Milking For The First Time
  • Women Performing Prostate Massage On A Man
  • Men Getting A Prostate Massage At The Doctors Office
  • Men Performing Prostate Massage On Men
  • Men Using A Prostate Stimulator For The First Time
  • Men Experiencing LONG And INTENSE ORGASMS From Prostate Massage,Milking And Stimulation!

Below Is Only A Short Excerpt Of One Of My Prostate Massage Stories:

“Of course, you can’t take a bath and not wash yourself EVERYWHERE!, so I soaped up the hands one more time and ran them across my butt cheeks, sliding them between the cheek and rubbing myself gently. I never thought it possible, but that aroused me. Since no one was around to tell me how dirty-minded I was, I allowed myself to explore a little.

As I got closer to the hole, I felt more and more relaxed. I took my long finger and ran it around in circles over my sphincter, loosening it up. The more I touched myself down there the more aroused I became.

It wasn’t long before I decided to insert a finger. I don’t know why. But I stuck the finger in nail deep and was surprised at how easily it slid right in – and with no pain. So I went a little farther. Fully relaxed, I propped my leg up on the side of the tub and pushed my finger in as deep as it would go. Fully lathered from the soap, that was not a difficult task. It slid right in.

I wiggled the finger inside me. At the tip of the finger I could feel a little hump inside. That must be the prostate, I thought.”

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prostate story

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  • The 3 Essential Steps To Learning Prostate Massage The Easy Way
  • The 4 Critical Things You Must NEVER DO During A Prostate Massage
  • How You Can Experience A VERY INTENSE and LONG LASTING Orgasm From Prostate Massage And Stimulation
  • The Best Tips On How To Perform A Prostate Massage On Yourself
  • How Any Man Or Their Partner Can Learn How To Perform An Incredible Prostate Massage In The Shortest Time Possible!
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